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Everybody want to have a good hairstyles because good hairstyle always a way to define a fashion. Hairstyle is also one way to show how

Everybody want to have a good hairstyles because good hairstyle always a way to define a fashion. Hairstyle is also one way to show how fashionable you are like cloths, jewelry, accessories etc. Today peoples after looking celebrity hairstyle try to implement it on them. There are many popular hair styles which provide you look as you want. But an important feature is that only use the hair style which suit on our face cut and body structure.

There are too many popular hair styles for your long, short, medium and curly hair. Hair styles which gain much popularity now a day are layered hairstyles. In layered hair style hairs are trim in such a way that the layers are shown in an interesting way.

708509_my_mumNow a day’s celebrity hair style become very much popular and fashion rage. You can choose ant hair style for on you according to your facial shape, hair types, and figure. Here are some important tips for you to getting celebrity hair styles.

Facial Shape – Most important things for consideration while choosing your hair style. Generally most of the hairstyles suits on oval shaped face people. Here are some advices for other shape face.

 Rounded face – For rounded shape face both long and short hair style with layers suits but avoid using short hair styles. Hair styles you can try are hair below chin, layered style, wispy and tapered ends etc. You can follow the hair style of celebrity Renee Zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones, Drew Barrymore and Christina Ricci having round face.  Squared face – Squared face shape is same as round face shape you can implement same hair style on both faces. Short hair style s like short bob cut, chin length and blunt length didn’t suit on your squared shape face. If you want to look more pretty then you can make your hair curls and wavy. You can follow the hair styles of celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Isabella Rosellini and Rosario Dawson having squared face.  Heart Face Shape – In heart face shape cheekbones are with thin jaw lines. Have short hair keep top layer soft and long. Have long hair go for Long Hairstyles that graze you cheekbones. You can follow the celebrity Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Ziyi Zhang have heart shape face.  Oval Face Shape – Oval face is the most flexible face. You can try of the hair style short, long, medium, curly, wavy. But if you want most flattering look then try some basic features and highlights your hair. You can follow the celebrity Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett Smith have an oval shape face.  Long Face Shape – Long face shape the perfect hair style for them you have long face that the hair style doesn’t drag down toward the face of front side. Hair style you can try are chin length bob, shoulder length bob, curls and waves etc. you can follow the celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashlee Simpson, Liv Tyler, Giselle Bundchen have a long shape face.

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