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For ages giving special attention have been provided for giving the hair a new look and create a new style statement by experimenting on hair. Our hair is one of the most precious parts of our body. It is deeply related with our identity and personality. Our look has also an intimate connection with the way we dress up our hair. And the most obvious fact is that as your hair can boost up your style statement, in the same way it can completely ruin it also. So it is very much necessary to give special attention towards your hair. If you care for your hair it will undoubtedly take care of your style also. But though we can do a lot many experiments with our hair as we often do, our hair has to face a lot many problems as well. As we all know that our hair needs nutrition too like the rest of our body needs.

Now the question comes that how could we take care of our hair? But before answering this question lets have a peek at some basic problems faced by our hair. Among the basic problems the most often notable are; hair fall, dandruff, hair breakage, roughening and tangling of hair, immature graying of hair, split ends, etc. All these problems have different solutions. And even some same problems have separate solutions, depending upon the type of hair and scalp. If we have a look around ourselves we will definitely notice a lot many variety of hair types as well as different hairstyles. These different hair types have different hair problems and different solutions to the problems. Thus while taking care of the hair one must be aware of his hair type, and act accordingly. Without proper knowledge of the hair type any step regarding hare care may have adverse effect. It is evident a fact that the problem faced by a person with curly hair would be similar with that of a person with straight hair, and hence their solution would be different and would not be applicable to the other one.

Thus once we have figured out this difference we are ready to make out which hair solution is appropriate for us. As in case of the common problems there are some common solutions also. Below are given some simple solutions applicable for all hair types. The first thing to notice is about shampooing. It is essential to shampoo regularly to keep our hair clean, but it should not be a daily habit. In fact washing your hair once every two or three days will actually make your hair healthy. Using Coconut oil helps the growth of hair. Proper conditioning is also very much essential after shampoo. A damaged hair needs protein conditioner, dry hair needs protein or intensive conditioner, where as any normal oil free conditioner is appropriate for an oily hair. Actually conditioning your hair is the way to give your hair a more intense nourishing treatment. Thus it is evident that our hair needs a properly balanced nutrition to shine with health. And this is the thing that we should keep in mind.

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