Hair Loss is a Major Problem by James L

Hair Loss is a Major Problem

Many people are scared to become bald, both male and female. Many of them worry when they see an amount of hair in their basin after shampooing. But as a matter of fact, our hair naturally loses about 50-100 hairs. The hairs removed often stays on our head. So when we take a shower we see a lot of hair in the basin, truth is this hair had been shed earlier.It is really hard to tell if your hair is starting to get thin. Bald spots may be one of the signs but there is no assurance for it. There is a way to find out if your hair is starting to thin.

351208_dude_with_mohawkThe so-called “Tug test”, using your thumb and index finger, hold about 15-20 strands of hair. Pull it firmly and slowly. If more than 6 hairs were removed, you can say it is starting to get thin.Hair loss can be caused by heredity and such major illness. Hair loss is generally a major problem for adults (elderly). But in some cases, teens start to loss their hair too. It is a great sign that there is something going wrong. Hair loss in adolescence stage is caused by illness or improper diet. Some caused by medical treatments, like chemotherapy. Wearing hairstyles that pulls hair also causes it, like braids, because there is tension on it. Losing hair is really a great worry especially for teenagers that are concern with their appearance. The good news is, in adolescence stage it is really often happening. Once the causes of it were corrected, hair usually grows back. Here are common mistakes of people about hair loss. It is not true that when you brush your hair about 100 times it will be stimulated. It might only cause you hair injury. Hairs really don’t breath. They get their oxygen from our blood in our scalps. Our hair will be damaged only because of wig or caps if it is too tight. Frequent cleansing and shampooing of hair is really not one cause of hair falling. Most hairs that are being removed by shampoo are the hairs that are already fallen out. Protein-containing conditioners and shampoos help our hair grow and nourished? False. It only fills the surface of the hair shaft. Making it thicker and much smoother.We must take care of our hair to prevent hair loss, avoid too much style that would put tension on it. Avoid unnecessary gadgets for our hair to maintain its natural beauty.For more information visit:

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Hello, I’m a 24yr old who is suffering from hair loss(thinning hair). I hope this artical will help!


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