Hair Loss is a Major Problem by Martin Lauder

Men and Women both have a fear of losing their hair. The truth is, we have a natural wastage of around 100-130 hairs in our average daily lives so when people start to see hair in the sink or in the shower after washing, panic sets in. In reality, the hairs in the sink or shower would have been lost previously and have just not fallen from the head yet.

1149338_girlIt isn’t easy to know if you are starting to go thin on top because there are many reasons why you could be losing hair apart from hormone issues. One of the ways that you could tell is by trying the “tug test”. Hold about 15 -20 strands of your hair in between your index finger and thumb and pull it slowly and firmly. You are able to say that your hair is beginning to thin out if you have more that 6-8 hairs between your fingers.

Normally loss of hair is more of a problem the older that we get. It is caused mainly, by inheriting genes from our parents, and it is hormones that will be the primary reason for it. Illness is also a cause for hair loss especially in younger people where it is a good sign that there is something wrong with the person.

There might be physical condition with the younger person or it could also be that the diet is not good. Chemotherapy will cause hair loss. Hairstyles that pull and cause tension on the scalp will cause hair to fall out. When teenagers lose hair, they consider it a major problem because they are so worried about their appearance and the thought of losing their hair horrifies them. With youngsters though, it is not usually a permanent issue and hair will grow back in good time once the reason behind it is discovered and corrected.

People have some beliefs about hair that simply aren’t true. Here are some the common myths.

1. Even if you brush your hair a hundred times or so, it will not stimulate your hair to grow. In fact, it could even cause harm you your scalp and hair.

2. Hairs get the oxygen that they require from the blood in the scalp. They don’t breath.

3. Shampooing hair a lot won’t cause hair to fall out more than normal.

4. Shampoos and conditioners that contain proteins will not stimulate hair growth. They simply plump out the shaft of the hair and thicken the hair.

We must take care of our hair to prevent hair loss, avoid too much style that would put tension on it. Avoid unnecessary gadgets for our hair to maintain its natural beauty.

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