Whats The Best Hairstyle Idea For You by Marsudi Suwarnaadi

You may love it, but if it does not suit your face it can be your worst hair style. There are smart and safe hair styles for mean, irrespective of your hair length. Off course there are famous celebrity styles to try.

1156102_twin_little_girls_by_the_water_1Apart from those, there are everyday styles and fashion styles depending on your hair – curly styles or Asian or black man styles. If you have tried all then try something totally new like spiked up or just flowing down your ears.

You must consider your face shape, your height and personality though before you choose one. Some men love to change their style with the season. If you cannot describe what you want, take the magazine picture to your hairdresser.

The short styles are sharp and chic. Here spikes are the highlight. Even the parting matters- left or right can make a big difference to your looks. If you have not time, this is the best depending on the quantity and texture.

Gone are the days when men with long hair were labeled as careless. If your hair is a big mass, it can still be styled to perfection. Be it Ivy League or Pompadour, there is a classic contemporary variation and a metro style. Or how about the US navy cut – shaved in the sides and short on top. There are many versions of this again and you can always use your imagination to combine two styles. There are short, long and medium variations of styles if you really love a style.

Whatever time of life you are at, there is a style for every age and every head shape. If you want one in a hurry, just go for the famous crew cut. Alternatively, a longer crew cut with some bleach and color in the front can add depth to your style.

With an aggressive nature and ear studs, you might as well go for a bold faded bald. This is just a reborn modification of totally shaved head, which is also a favorite of many men. Most good hairdressers and salons have a celebrity list you could choose from the Brad Buzz cut or a classic George Clooney cut.

For a more young and casual look direct your hair forward with a side partition. You can even get it layered either medium or long. This is pretty versatile where you can bring it forward or gel it back for a sleek look.

Hair styles are changing daily and so are the new ideas. If chosen appropriately, they can make you into a charming man. They could even hide your double chin and your oval face you hate so much. So just explore your options.

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