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When it comes to hair style women in 21st century are quite practical.Gone are the days when women dreamt of long hair only. Though long hair is what every woman loves to flaunt it needs lot of care to keep them shiny and silky.With women going out for work everyday easy to maintain short hairstyle is in.From extreme mod to ultra feminine there is wide variety of trendy hairstyles that one can sport with short hair.

1154928_tween_girl_stretchingWith her new short hairstyle Victoria Beckham is the trend setter.Her funky short crop definitely makes Posh Spice stand out with a bold style statement. Sharon Stone,the middle-aged Hollywood star is also bold enough to experiment with new hair styles.Her upswept short layer with a few highlighted spikes is undoubtedly the hottest look in 2009.

Among short hair cuts bob is never going to be out of trend as it is flexible to variations. Bob has ruled for over many years since the early decades of 20th century.From soft curls to edgy crop versatility comes with bob hairstyle.It looks feminine when the fringe is layered or has natural curls.From veteran actress Julie Andrews to new age sensation Paris Hilton celebrities of all ages of all times have been seen sporting short bob.Demanding low maintenance bob can be worn in various ways to get different looks.

The latest trend with bob is Katie Holmes’ pixie cropped bob that lends this brunette an extremely stylish look.Started with Holmes last year this chic hair style is still in fashion. But the flip side is that it needs to be maintained well otherwise you may end up looking like a rustic middle-aged woman which is not desired at all.

Whenever we think of long hair we invariably think of superstar Jennifer Aniston as we saw her wearing straight long hair in Friends.During the late 90s Aniston’s hair style was a much talked about matter in the town.Many of her fans were surprised when she cut off her signature auburn locks.But there is no point in denying that she looks as elegant in her new shaggy bob as she looked before in long layers.

Beveled hair is among this season’s hottest looks.Sarah Harding established the current trend of beveled short hair with her angular bob in 2006.This young fashion diva is known for changing hairstyle often.And the latest version is side-parted and thus gets heavier on one side covering her forehead.You can also go for Jennifer Dell’s angular bob with modest highlights to look smart and young.

But if you don’t want to go overboard with short hairdos check out for celebrity hairstyles like that of Cheryl Burke or Kylie Minogue.Short but nearly medium Cheryl wears it a few inches below her chin while slightly touching her shoulders.Light brown highlights give it a soft feminine look.Corporate executives can opt for Kylie Minogue’s choppy bob that looks aptly formal.

To catch up with latest hair trends check out various hairstyle’s magazine regularly.The one that suits you the best is not difficult to find.

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